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Measure, monitor and manage your fleet

Now you can lower your total Cost of operations, increase fleet efficiency, improve operator productivity and encourage safer behaviors among your fleet operators with Briggs Telemetry options through Briggs’ Fleet Administration organization: BE Fleet.

Fleets with multiple brands are no problem!

Briggs proudly offers Yale Vision Wireless Asset Management System and Hyster Tracker Wireless Asset Management System, both of which are telemetry systems with a web –based interface that allows Fleet managers numerous operational and financial benefits:


Financial Benefits

Reduction in Catastrophic Repairs
Operator Performance Reports improves Operator behavior which drives down General Maintenance Repairs

Elimination of OSHA Fines for Safety Checklist Data
OSHA Checklists stored in The Cloud and available for recall at any time

Increased Net Profit via Operational Efficiency
Utilization Reports enable you to improve Operational Efficiency

Reduced Maintenance Expense
Service Ready Reports and Daily Checklists help identify repairs early in their lifecycle

Enhanced Risk Management
The system allows fleet managers to direct and reinforce safe and proper operator behavior in a consistent and reliable way.  This, in turn, promotes a reduction in collision events, potentially saving your company millions of dollars per incident, depending upon severity.

Operational benefits

Operator Accountability
Each lift has its own ID System and customizable Authorized Operators List. The lift cannot be used without each Operator “keying in” their User ID

Event Notification
You get to choose what constitutes a “significant event” and who gets notified for each event type

Drive Operator Behavior Changes
Operator Performance Reporting allows you to mentor your lift operators and drive those behaviors that matter to your business.

Increased Throughput
Various Utilization and Maintenance Reports allow you to optimize the uptime for your fleet

Daily OSHA Checklist Compliance
Complete history for Daily Checklist results in the event of an OSHA audit

Manufacturer Agnostic
Deploy reliable and consistent controls and monitoring across your mixed fleet!  Our Wireless Asset Management systems are manufacturer agnostic – meaning, they can typically be installed on most makes and models.

Wireless Monitoring Dashboard

Remote hour meter/usage tracking
View and manage key performance indicator data per truck, fleet and location.

Fault code tracking
Track and respond to CAN-based fault codes.

Impact sensing
Report, display and log impact events.

We can provide a report either by operator, or by lift, that tells the user how much of that truck’s/person’s time is spent idle vs. working.

PM tracker
Remotely view and manage equipment servicing, all via the Yale Vision portal.

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