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Free up your capital with Briggs Equipment Leasing Solutions. We offer a variety of leasing options to help you make the best decision for your needs of cash flow, budget and transaction structure.

Our leasing team has structured leases for over 50 years. We invite you to rely on our expertise. Let us do the heavy lifting in helping you choose the right product for your business.

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Financial Solutions

A Full Range of Lease Products

However large the fleet of material handling equipment you are looking to acquire, we can provide a financing solution that suits your operations and supports your bottom line. We can help make your payments affordable and put the best equipment to work for you today.

FAIR MARKET VALUE (FMV): FMV financing offers lower monthly payments and flexible end-of-term options. This solution is specifically designed for customers who prefer the use of equipment versus the ownership of it.

ADJUSTABLE ADVANTAGE: Customers benefit from lower monthly payments associated with a 60-month lease but have the option to evaluate the lease at 36 months. It means they have the flexibility to evaluate their business needs in the middle of the term and either return, upgrade or keep the equipment for the full term.

STANDARD PURCHASE OPTION (SPO): SPO financing is similar to a FMV lease. However, this option contains a pre-stated purchase or buy-out option prior to the lease end. That way the cost to purchase the equipment at the end of term is known up front.

DOLLAR BUY OUT OPTION: Dollar buy-out financing allows you to take full advantage of all depreciation benefits for the equipment. At the end of the term, the customer owns the equipment for $1.

LONG TERM RENTAL (LTR): Long term Rentals require no capital investment on your part. Briggs LTR offers creative finance structures and payment solutions to address your needs. Equipment will typically not appear as a liability, helping you improve your assets to liability ratio. The length of the agreement can be tailored anywhere from 12 to 72 months. LTR allows you to budget level payments over the term of the rental. Maintenance can be included, which helps eliminates unplanned  capitalized expenditures and parts inventories.

And, if your Briggs truck is down for more than 48 hours, we’ll bring in another, free of charge* (conditions apply)

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