Optimize limited space with a Narrow Aisle Forklift

Optimize limited space with a Narrow Aisle Forklift

Forklifts are a crucial part to warehouse operations, but they aren’t all built the same. If you have narrow isles or limited space, you need a forklift with high maneuverability. Below are the benefits you can get with a narrow isle forklift:

  • Maneuver Tight Spaces

Like the name suggest, a narrow isle forklift is designed for you to fit down tight passageways. If you have a cramped warehouse, you should invest in a narrow isle forklift which will have             no problem getting in those constricted places.

  • Safety for Everyone

Forklifts are good for a lot of things, but they can also increase liability in your warehouse. One simple mistake could end up injuring a lot of people or property. Narrow isle forklifts can help         ensure the safety of everyone. These forklifts are easier to control than conventional lifts, especially for beginners.

  • More Affordable

Narrow isle forklifts are usually less expensive than a typical forklift. And, unless you are going to haul a heavyweight load, you won’t be losing much capacity limit with a narrow isle forklift.

  • Easier on the Operator

Narrow isle forklifts are driven standing up due to their reduced profiles. This is actually easier on the operator as the weight of their body is supported by the legs and not the lower back             and spine. On a conventional lift, this pressure could result in back problems and daily fatigue.

Although a narrow isle forklift’s main benefit is its maneuverability, there are also many other added benefits. Contact your nearest location and give us a call today for more help on how a narrow isle forklift can help you.