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The Yale® MX

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For every move in your playbook

Whether indoor or outdoor, from manufacturing to retail to distribution, the new Yale® GP040-060MX offers the perfect combination of versatility and performance to get the job done. And with the ability to design over a trillion different cost-effective truck configurations – yes that’s trillion with a “T” – you get everything you want and nothing that you don’t.

With nearly limitless configurations, the possibilities are endless.

So many configurations may seem overwhelming, so we’ve grouped the most popular MX options that may work best for your industry. For more information on additional industries, contact your local Briggs branch, who can help you get exactly what you need.

Check out the full range of MX models

“We had a chance to test out the new Yale® MX truck and were definitely impressed. It operated smoothly, giving us the ability to unload, store and move diverse types of loads with ease, both indoor and out, while providing the power and functionality needed for a fast moving operation.”

Leonard, Lift Truck Operator

Check out the full range of MX models