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Yale Tow Tractors

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Yale® tow tractors for horizontal transport over short and long distances


Yale MO50T-MO70T Tow Tractor Models

Model Load Capacity (lbs.) Platform Height Battery Weight (lbs.)
MO50T 10000 38 24V 2244.3
MO70T 15000 38 24V 2707.0

A highly competitive solution for manufacturing

The MO50T-MO70T tow tractors are an efficient and cost effective solution for line feed operations in manufacturing. They are available with fixed or lifting platform to pick from various levels and height positions.

It is ideal for use in:

  • Intensive manufacturing processes
  • Horizontal transport over short and long distances

Ergonomic features

  • Fly-by-wire power steering reduces operator fatigue and allows the operator to remain within the footprint of the truck for protection
  • Low step height reduces operator fatigue
  • The large suspended platform with Operator Presence System (OPS) covers the complete platform. This allows the operator to locate the most comfortable operating position and pass through from both sides
  • The effortless power steering and automatic speed reduction on cornering ensure excellent control and high productivity
  • The anti-roll back system on ramps and gradients ensures efficient operation

Productivity features

  • The AC drive motor of the tow tractor delivers high performance acceleration and travel speed and braking making the MO50T-MO70T series ideal for stop and go applications
  • Adjustable performance settings allow the truck to be customized to the needs of the application and operator
  • Slow speed forward and reverse direction buttons (coasting function) are located on both sides of the backrest to allow the operator to walk alongside the truck to the next picking location
  • Different types of coupling are available to suit particular trailer needs
  • Large battery capacity
  • Side battery extraction is available on all models


MO50T-MO70T Spec Sheet
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Warehouse Solutions
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Yale MTR005-MTR007F Tow Tractor Models

Model Model Designation Load Capacity (lbs.) Battery Maximum Travel Speed (mph)
MTR007-F Tow Tractors 15000 24 8.4
MTR005-F Tow Tractors 10000 24 7.8

Meeting the Bottom Line with Outstanding Productivity

MTR005-MTR007F trucks are made to efficiently carry out low-level order picking and horizontal transportation tasks to help you meet your bottom line. The durability of the trucks’ robotically welded steel frame insures its ability to take on the heavy duty tugging and tractor applications.

Yale® iSi Technology™ incorporates a common control system with consistent functionality across the warehouse product line. The Integrated Smart Interface utilizes the same software, diagnostic codes and functionality for the main warehouse trucks creating commonality for users, supervisors and service personnel. The system offers full customization to allow a user to properly match the trucks’ performance with the skill of the operator.

While the truck is tough enough to handle difficult tasks, the MTR005-MTR007F tow trucks are “human engineered” with state-of-the-art technology, such as the wide grip handle, premium 3” thick backpad with integral arm rest. While the trucks are built to require less maintenance, they allow extremely easy serviceability.

  • Yale® iSi Technology™ speeds operator productivity and streamlines service and maintenance procedures to keep your costs down and productivity up.
  • The Yale® Tow Tractors are primarily used for low-level order picking and horizontal transportation.
  • The vertically adjustable control handle design provides full control of travel, steering and horn while allowing optimum maneuverability.
  • The MTR005-007F electrical system has been designed using SEM technology in conjunction with an advanced transistorized controller to enhance truck performance and reliability.


MTR005-007F Brochure
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Warehouse Solutions
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MTR005-007F Spec Sheet
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