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Yale Pallet Trucks MPC060-MPC080VG

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Yale Pallet Trucks MPC060-MPC080VG

Model Model Designation Load Capacity (lbs.) Battery Maximum Travel Speed (mph) Maximum Lift Speed (ft/min) Lower Lift Speed (ft/min) Fork Length
MPC080VG Pallet Trucks 8000 24 7.8 3.7 6.4 36,48,84
MPC060VG Pallet Trucks 6000 24 8.1 3.3 1.9 36,48,60

Reliability and Quality for the Most Challenging Tasks

The MPC060-MPC080VG is among the best in its class going above and beyond to exceed application requirements. Its unbeatable durability and technological advances are seen in its 24-volt AC drive that can achieve a 7.8 – 8.1 mph travel speed.

Yale® iSi Technology™ incorporates a common control system with consistent functionality across the warehouse product line. The Integrated Smart Interface utilizes the same software, diagnostic codes and functionality for the main warehouse trucks creating commonality for users, supervisors and service personnel. The system offers full customization to allow a user to properly match the trucks’ performance with the skill of the operator.

The ergonomically designed operator’s compartment allows for ample space and movement, alleviating operator fatigue and improving productivity. The pallet entry and exit system simplifies loading and maximizes efficiency. Thanks to the thermal management system, the MPC060-MPC080F trucks come with sensors that alert the operator of overheating and shut down the engine before major damage occurs.

  • The Yale® Center Rider trucks are designed for low-level order picking and transporting pallets between dock and storage aisles.
  • Yale® iSi Technology™ speeds operator productivity and streamlines service and maintenance procedures to keep your costs down and productivity up.
  • The vertically adjustable control handle design provides full control of travel, steering and horn while allowing optimum maneuverability.


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