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PowerBoss Apex 47 Floor Sweeper

Apex 47 Sweeper Standard Equipment and Features
Cleans 77,500 (7,200 m2) sq. ft. per hour with dual side brooms (Optional) Battery, Power
Cleans 61,354 (5,700 m2) sq. ft. per hour with one side broom (Standard) 2.1 cu. ft. (60 L) HD Hopper Capacity
47″ (119 cm) Path with dual side brooms (Optional) 4 mph Speed (6.4 km/h), 9° Climbing Ability
40″ (40 cm) Path with one side broom (Standard) Drive Wheel, Non-Marking, Grooved
28″ (71 cm) Main Broom, Chevron Style 70″ (178 cm) Turning Radius
18″ (45.7 cm) Side Brooms, Right Standard Weight: 970 lbs (440 kg) with Batteries
60″ Multi-Level Hydraulic High Dump (152 cm) or choose Manual Dump W x L x H: 40 x 50 x 52-in w/1 Side Broom
Powerful Dust Control w/ Panel Filter W x L x H: 150 x 60 x 132 cm w/1 Broom

The Apex 47 Rider Sweeper is designed for heavy-duty industrial use. It is constructed on a steel frame and the panels, made of synthetic material, are virtually indestructible. With a 90-90 turning radius, the Apex 47 is extremely maneuverable as a result of the directly steered front wheel drive. It is easy to operate even in the narrowest of aisles. The Apex 47 provides perfect sweeping results due to the large, newly developed main broom with compensation for wear and tear. This rider sweeper is available in gas, propane, or battery and with a choice of hydraulic high- dump or manual low-dump hopper. The engine and battery compartments are clearly laid out and directly accessible for maintenance and servicing purposes. The seat console simply tilts backward to reveal these compartments. The seat is also equipped with a safety shut-off switch, if the operator gets up from the seat, the machine will shut down.
and excellent travel, torque and lifting performance, delivering efficient and productive load handling.


APEX 47 Spec Sheet
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APEX 47 Battery – Spare Parts Catalog 
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APEX 47 Battery – User Manual
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APEX 47 Engine – Spare Parts Catalog 
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APEX 47 Engine – User Manual 
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PowerBoss Armadillo 6X Floor Sweeper

Armadillo 6X Standard Equipment and Features
Cleans 124,080 sq. ft. per hour (11,527 m2) Gasoline, LP or Diesel Powered
53″ (135 cm) Sweep Path Tires: Front (2) 18″ Solid (45.7 cm)
36″ (91 cm) Main Broom, Proex & Wire std Rear (1) 16″ Solid (40.6 cm)
24″ (61 cm) Side Broom, Poly, Retractable Oversized, Soft-Ride Tires Eliminates Jolts &
Vibration for Component Protection
10 cu. ft. (.28 m3) Hopper w/ RTR® Feature 1.2 HP Electric Drive Motor
60″ (152 cm) Multi-Level High Dump 1.9 HP Electric Accessory Motor
650 lbs. (295 kg) Hopper Load Capacity 82″ (208 cm) Turn Radius
Excellent Dust Control Filtration System
with 92 sq. ft. (8.6 m2)Filter Surface
Weight: 2,550 lbs (1,157 kg) Gas/LP/DSL
Foot Operated Brakes W x L x H: 53 x 79 x 79.5″ w/ OH Guard
Hand Lever Parking Brakes 135 x 200 x 202 cm w/Overhead Guard
Hour Meter and Battery Condition Meter W x L x H: 53 x 79 x 53″ standard / 135 x 200 x 135 cm
Wet Sweep Filter By-Pass Hydraulic Protection Package
Aggressive Electric Filter Shakers Massive, Unitized Steel Frame

Armadillo offers a quality, cost effective sweeper that will provide extra years of consistently reliable service. Manufactured to a heavy-equipment design criteria, it meets the most rigorous of cleaning requirements. In fact, Armadillo is a truly rebuildable sweeper, much like many forklift trucks. This means a longer life than most conventional sweepers.


Armadillo Spec Sheet
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Armadillo 6x User Manual 
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Armadillo 6x Spare Parts Catalog
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PowerBoss Atlas Heavy Duty Sweeper

ATLAS Sweeper – Standard Equipment and Features
64″ Sweep Path w/ one Side Broom Stage 3- 95 ft2 Synthetic Panel Filter (no tools)
78″ Sweep Path w/ two Side Brooms Stage 4- Aggressive Filter Vibration System
48″ Main Sweeping Broom *Proex std Adjustable Comfort Seat
26″ Side Sweeping Brush *Poly std Right Rear Corner Roller
Adjustable Steering Wheel 23.2″ Front Tires, 18.5″ Rear (pneumatic)
Steel Debris Hopper – 16 ft3 4″ Ground Clearance
Debris Hopper – 1,200 lb Capacity Fire In Hopper Indicator
Dust Control System- 4 Stage System Head Lights & Tail Lights
Stage 1- Vacuumized Main Broom Chamber (L) 99.5″ (W) 64″w/SB (H) 59″
Stage 2- Perma Filter (removable) Power: Kubota Gas/LP,Kubota,DSL

Power Access – Unmatched accessibility for routine engine maintenance saving time and providing longer engine life. It’s like having an engine on a workbench. PowerBoss uses the latest most fuel efficient engines on the market.

60″ Multi-Level High Dump – Complete with the Safety Vision Dumping System, this feature allows the operator to safely, easily dispose of the debris at any height up to a standard 60″ waste receptacle. The hopper also features a large opening for material which should not be swept, providing the operator a convenient place to deposit materials that would otherwise be left behind.

Safety Vision Dump Window – Provides a safe, clear view of the hopper position when emptying debris into the dumpster. This feature is designed to provide safety when dumping and to minimize accidental damage to the machine.

Power Control Dust Collection System – No tool, quick change filter for easy routine maintenance. Four stage dust filtration system:
Stage 1: Vacuumized main broom chamber.
Stage 2: Perma Pre-Filter helps to eliminate dust before reaching the panel filter.
Stage 3: 95 ft2 Synthetic Panel Filter.
Stage 4: Aggressive, filter vibration system to release the dust from the filter.

Heavy Duty Design – The ATLAS features a massive one-piece, unitized 1/4″ thick steel frame. This rugged style construction provides a longer more durable machine life.

Exceptional Ground Clearance – The PowerClimb -The PowerClimb feature with 23″ diameter tires easily maneuvers over rough terrain, including speed bumps and standard 4″ curbs. This extra ground clearance provides the opportunity to sweep sidewalks and medians without damage to the machine.


Atlas Spec Sheet
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Atlas Brochure
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Atlas User Manual
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