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PowerBoss Admiral 28XL Rider Scrubber

Admiral 28 XL Rider Scrubber
Brush Pressure: Regular and heavy
Cylindrical Brush Head: 2 – 1HP motors, 900RPM
Disc Brush Head: 28: 1.5HP dual right angle with gearbox, 300RPM 32: 2HP dual right angle with gearbox, 300RPM
Drive Motor: 1.2Hp traction drive with e-mag brake
Front Wheels: 3.5″ x 12″ solid w/cross hatch tread
Front Wheels: 3.5″ x 12″ solid w/cross hatch tread
Height: 54″
Length: 63″
Rear Wheels: 4″ x 14″ soft ride (10cm x 36cm) cross hatched tread
Recovery Capacity: 38 gallon (144 liters)
Solution Capacity: 32 gallon (121 liters)
Squeegee Width: 28: 30.5″ rigid + soft ends= 33″(84cm) 32: 34.5″ rigid + soft ends= 37″(94cm)
Weight: 1,242 lbs. (563kg) with batteries
Weight without drive/batteries: 822 lbs. (373kg) without batteries
Working Speed: 0-4MPH
Cleaning width: 28″ (71cm) cylindrical or rotary disc 32″ (81cm) cylindrical or rotary


  • One innovative design produces four versatile models
  • Choose from 28” or 32” scrubbing paths and choose from cylindrical or rotary disc scrub decks that are nterchangeable on the same chassis
  • Compact and maneuverable, the Admiral moves through tight spaces with ease while the operator rides in complete comfort
  • The Admiral offers many outstanding standard features and many options to meet all of your scrubbing needs
  • The Admiral cleans 42,360 to 45,450 sq. ft. per hour
  • Six, 6 volt, 275 AH batteries provide several hours of run time on a single charge for maximum productivity
  • Powerful scrub decks scrub and vacuum up solution in one pass leaving the floor immediately ready for traffic

Key Features:

  • Interchangeable scrub decks make this scrubber a versatile performer
  • An LED battery indicator lets the operator know when it’s time to charge the batteries
  • Heavy-duty steel construction and rotationally molded polyethylene solution/recovery tanks mean that this scrubber is built to last
  • Tilt steering and dual side entry
  • See-through solution tank lid
  • Removable debris box on the cylindrical scrub deck
  • Three electronic brakes: E-mag, Dynamic, Plugging
  • Fully variable solution flow rate
  • Spray jets for cylindrical scrub deck ensures uniform solution distribution on floor
  • Two caster wheel adjustment ensures proper squeegee alignment
  • See-through vacuum motor cap for visual filter inspection

Ease of Use                                                       

  • Single front wheel drive provides optimum traction and allows it to turn 360 degrees on its’ own axis for on-the-spot maneuverability
  • Cushioned safety seat is ergonomically designed for operator comfort
  • Two-position column in operator compartment provides optimum operator comfort while climbing onto the machine
  • Conveniently located control panel with a directional switch to regulate the forward and reverse direction of the scrubber
  • Easy-to-read control panel with five position switch to control various functions
  • The rear squeegee assembly utilizes a break away design in case of impact and automatically lowers when the machine is moving forward and automatically raises in reverse
  • Cushioned safety seat will not allow the scrubber to move unless the operator is seated
  • Polyethylene battery tray helps prevent acid spills and protects machine
  • A 180 degree view from the operator seat makes operation a breeze with no blind spots
  • Three electronic brakes for safety: E-mag, Dynamic, Plugging
  • Self tracking squeegee leaves floor virtually dry in one pass and ready for traffic


Admiral 28 XL Spec Sheet
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Admiral 28 XL Spare Parts Catalog
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Admiral 28 XL User Manual
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PowerBoss Admiral 38 Rider Scrubber

38C Cylindrical – Standard Equipment and Features Admiral
Brush Diameter: 5.2 in (13.3 cm)
Brush Type: Cylindrical
Drive Motor: 1.9 HP (1400 W)
Length: 84.66 in (215 cm)
Number of Brushes: 2
Recovery Capacity: 82 Gal (310 liters)
Solution Capacity: 82 Gal (310 liters)
Vacuum Power: 1.7 HP (1,270 W)
Weight: 3,158 lbs (1,432 kg)
Weight without drive/batteries: 1,578 lbs (716 kg)
Working Speed: 5 mph (8.2 km per hr)
Cleaning width: 38 in (96.5 cm)

The Admiral 38C provides sweeping, intensive scrubbing and perfect vacuuming in one pass. Single front wheel steer and drive provides exceptional traction and maneuverability making this machine easy to use and super productive.  The cylindrical brushes give complete coverage as they float over any type of flooring, even rough and structured flooring.  The sweeping function works especially well for industrial areas such as  manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers where dirt and small debris may cover the area to be cleaned.

Green Features

  • Sound level < = 70dBs
  • Maintenance free gel batteries available
  • Tool free brush removal
  • Tool free squeegee removal
  • One button operation
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use


Admiral 38 Spec Sheet
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Admiral 38 Spare Parts Catalog
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Admiral 38 User Manual
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PowerBoss Nautilus HD Rider Scrubber

NAUTILUS HD (HI-DUMP) – Standard Equipment and Features
Cleans 95,040 sq ft per hr (8,830 m2 per hr) Gasoline, Diesel or LP Powered
45″ (114.3 cm) Cleaning Path Radiator, Industrial Heavy-Duty
60″ (152 cm) Path w/opt. 16″ Side Scrub Brush Parking Brake (standard)
Two 45″ (114 cm) Cylindrical Scrub Brushes Power Steering
Cylindrical Scrub Brush Diameter 12″ (30 cm) PRO Scrub Standard
3.9 cu. ft. (.060 m3) 390 lbs. Debris Hopper Forward Speed 7.7 mph (12.8 km/h)
60″ Hydraulic High Dump Hopper Standard Reverse up to 4 mph (4.8 km/h)
Quick View Hydraulic Squeegee Heavy Duty Air Cleaner
90 Gallon (379 L) Solution Tank Head, Tail and Instrument Lights
90 Gallon (379 L) Recovery Tank Weight: 3,450 lbs ( 1564 kg)
Durable, Rust-Free, Large Poly Tanks Shipping Weight: 5,300 lbs ( 2404 kg)
Solution/Recovery Tank Warning Lights L x W Frame x H: 95 x 55 x 60.5″
Automatic Squeegee Lift in Reverse L x W Frame x H: 241 x 137 x 241 cm
Cylindrical Wet Sweep Scrub System L x W x H: 95 x 56 x 83.5″ with OHG
(1) 180 Mid-Grit Cylindrical Brush, Standard L x W x H: 241 x 137 x 212 cm with OHG
Auto Shutdown ( High Temp / Low Oil ) Std Gas/LPG (2) Side Squeegees, (1) Rear, (1) Inner Squeegee- Linatex Standard
Stainless Steel Scrub Deck Stainless Steel Door Hinge
Stainless Steel Side Squeegee Band Clamp Stainless Steel Rear Squeegee Band Clamps
Rotomolded Hopper with Stainless Steel Bottom Standard Stainless Steel Squeegee Assembly

The NAUTILUS HI-DUMP scrubber sweeper can be an exceptional value to your company. Large water capacities provide longer cleaning time, heavy duty stainless steel parts offer lower cost of ownership, and the unmatched maneuverability helps to ensure professional cleaning results that will make the difference for you.

Easy Two Button Hydraulic 60″ High Dumping: The squeegee and hopper raise and lower switches can function at one time to raise and lower or independently for maintenance purposes. After raising, simply open the dump door.

Easy Access: The operator can raise the hopper to remove the access for to easily inspect the hopper. The hydraulic quick view squeegee allows the operator to raise the squeegee to an ergonomic level to easily make adjustments or change the squeegee. A large drain hose provides quick and clean draining of the dirty water. Two large doors at the top of the tank and one 4″ access cap provide easy access for washing the recovery tank free of sediment.

Read and React Maneuverability: The operator can turn around in a 9-foot aisle if needed without having to back up or turn off the water or brushes while scrubbing. The operator can Read the traffic and React safely.

Key Features:

  • 60 Inch High Dump: The high dump incorporates two separate lift arm assemblies. Each of the two lift arm assemblies has its own hydraulic cylinder and a safety tube. The hydraulic cylinders are used not only to raise the bumper and hopper but also to lower the bumper and hopper.
  • Independent Squeegee and Hopper Controls: This allows for superior service and maintenance positions.
  • Heavy Duty Compact Design: This design is industrial grade for durability without compromising maneuverability.
  • Stainless Steel – No Corrosion, Made to Last
    • Scrub deck
    • Scrub deck doors
    • Scrub deck hinges
    • Side squeegee frame, rear squeegee frame
    • All squeegee attachment bands – inner, outer and side
  • Powerful Systems Provide Powerful Performance:
    • Kubota Engine
    • Parker O-ring Hydraulic Fittings – 3 year leak warranty
    • Eaton hydraulic motors
    • Parker rhino hydraulic hoses
    • Monarch non-marking traction tires
    • Linatex extended wear, oil resistant squeegees
    • 11,500 RPM hydraulic vacuum – dry floors immediately


Nautilus HD Product Specifications
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Nautilus HD User Manual
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