Polaris Pro XD: Industrial Utility Vehicles

The Polaris Pro XD Work UTV Lineup has the safety, durability and serviceability your operation needs. Polaris is a world-class manufacturer of rugged, outdoor equipment. They specialize in building equipment with your needs in mind, which is why these vehicles are customizable for any specific need you may have. Learn more about the individual models below or give us a call for more information. 

Polaris XD Lineup at Briggs Equipment

We’re proud to be your local Polaris dealer. Here,  you’ll find the full lineup of the Polaris Pro XD. These vehicles can take on any tough job you have. Some models even have up to 200 hours between maintenance, maximizing productivity by eliminating downtime. 

Diesel engines are ideal for more rugged operations, like construction and refineries. Gas engines are best for commercial uses like manufacturing, municipalities, and facility maintenance.

Full-Size Pro XD: Great for industries like construction, mining, energy, and more. They can haul up to 1,250 pounds and have the durability to withstand the toughest job sites. Models include: 

  • 2000D 2WD: Diesel engine, two-seater with two-wheel drive

  • 2000D AWD: Diesel engine, two-seater with all-wheel drive

  • 2000G AWD: Gas engine, two-seater with all-wheel drive

  • 4000D AWD: Diesel engine, four-seater with all-wheel drive

  • 4000G AWD: Gas engine, four-seater with all-wheel drive

Mid-Size Pro XD: Suited for industries like manufacturing, college campuses, warehouses, airports, and more. They can haul up to 500 pounds.

Not sure which is right for you? Contact us today and we’ll help you pick out the right Polaris Pro XD for your business.

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Service & Offering with Polaris Parts, Service, and Support

We’re the experts at helping you keep your equipment running in top shape. So when you need a replacement part or a repair on your vehicle, we’ll be there. Our maintenance team can fix virtually any issue you’re having. Need a spare part? We’ve got you covered with hundreds of spare parts on hand at our locations. When you buy from us, know that you’re gaining our support as well. Find parts and service at Briggs Equipment.