Is an Electronic Forklift right for you?

Is an Electronic Forklift right for you?

Making sure you have the right forklift for your applications is a crucial factor in productivity as well as safety. With so many models available it can be tough deciding what forklift best works for your application. Electronic forklifts are an ideal candidate for indoor use in places such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities. We’ve put together some advantages and disadvantages of operating an electric forklift to help aid in your decision process.


  • No need for fuel storage, electric forklifts charge at a charging station
  • Produces zero emissions during operations
  • Operate silently other than backup alarm
  • No propane tank increases rearward visibility
  • No engine oil or coolant fuels required
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Cost can be lowered without the need for fuel
  • Can save on operating cost compared to internal combustion models


  • Must install charging station
  • Older facilities may have problems with voltage requirements
  • Usually higher upfront cost
  • Special lift may be required to change heavy batteries
  • Limited to 12,OOO lb lift


For more information on electronic forklifts, contact your nearest Briggs Equipment today! Our team of Solutions Experts can help you determine if an electronic forklift is right for you.