Ottawa Trailer Spotters for Sale

Trailer Spotters go by a lot of different names, like terminal tractors, yard truck, yard dogs, port tractors or mules. But one thing that Kalmar Ottawa Trailer Spotters all have in common is their ability to streamline your operation and reliably get the job done. Give us a call or visit the location nearest to you to see what we have in stock.

Kalmar Ottawa Trailer Spotters

Find your next Ottawa Trailer Spotter at Briggs Equipment. Kalmar Ottawa originally invented the trailer spotter in 1958. They continue to innovate to bring industry-leading designs, all with operators’ needs in mind. These are American-made trucks--all are built at the manufacturing plant in Ottawa, Kansas.

Features of Kalmar Ottawa Trailer Spotters

  • Automatic transmission

  • Rear door entry

  • Integral air conditioning units

  • Power cab tilt

  • ABS brake systems

  • Fifth wheel coupling for easier lifting

  • 48,000-pound lift capacity

Various models include:

  • On-road DOT/EPA certified for use on public roads

  • Off-road rugged design

Trailer Spotters in the Industry

Trailer spotters are essential for moving semi-trailers within a cargo yard. They’re useful in almost every industry where you need to move product, including:

  • Warehouse and Distribution Operations

  • Container Handling

  • Shipping and Freight

  • Port Services

  • Railroad Terminals

Trailer Spotter Safety Trainings at Briggs

Make your workplace safer and more efficient by attending our equipment trainings. Whether you need training for yourself or your whole team, we’ve got you covered. Our safety trainings are:

  • On your worksite, using your equipment

  • Fully compliant with OSHA regulations

  • Hands-on, with demonstrations from trainer

  • Four hours long, with up to 20 participants in each class

When you complete the training, you’ll get an AWPI Operator Certification card that’s valid for three years. Learn more about our operator safety training classes.

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