Make Princeton Delivery Systems
Model PB45 Turfmate
Type Piggy Back Lifts

For years, the Princeton has been the preferred truck mounted forklift for the turf industry. As the needs of the industry have evolved, so has the PiggyBack forklift. Through continued customer feedback and design advances, the all-new Princeton PB45 Turfmate has been designed to better serve both the customer and the operator as the new solution.

The PB45 Turfmate is incredibly powerful, yet light enough to be mounted onto a truck or trailer, quickly dismount at the job site and be ready to work in less than a minute. With a lift capacity of 4,500 pounds, a powerful Tier4 Final compliant engine, and all wheel drive, the PB45 Turfmate can streamline your turf delivery operation.

The PB45 Turfmate offers quick ground speed, nearly a foot of ground clearance, a more spacious operator compartment, and many other features that are specifically designed to perfectly serve the turf industry. A more efficient hydraulic system requires less horsepower to operate, improves fuel efficiency, increases hydraulic speed, generates less heat, and is quieter than other truck mounted forklifts.

  • Capacity @24” Load Center: 4,500 lbs
  • Engine: 25 hp (Tier 4 Final compliant)
  • Lift Height: 120”
  • Tire Size: 29”
PB45 Turfmate Spec Sheet
PB45 Turfmate Spec Sheet Download