Make Princeton Delivery Systems
Model PB45 STM
Type Piggy Back Lifts

The all-new Princeton PB45 STM Forklift is our static mast machine that offers 4500 lbs of lifting capacity in a compact, yet powerful package. Available in standard or low-profile design, this versatile machine can deliver across all types of terrain and even into low overhead clearance areas. The PB45 STM also has excellent stability. While weighing in at only about 4,500lbs, the all wheel drive and low center of gravity makes a machine that feels sure footed and rugged. The pantograph extension arm also allow partial one-side unloading. Even more impressive, the machine was designed to have a shorter overall length. The PB45 can be configured to a 53” overhang which allows for mounting to even 48 foot-long trailers.

  • Capacity @24” Load Center: 4,500 lbs
  • Design: Static Mast
  • Engine: 25 hp (Pro Future)
  • Lift Height: 120” / 144”
  • Tire Size: 26” / 29”
Spec Sheet
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