Make Taylor-Dunn
Model TC-50E
Type Electric Vehicles, Trams, Carts & Trailers

This tractor is equipped with a Parallel Motor drive axle, 26.8 hp motor and travels at 15 miles per hour. Four-wheel hydraulic braking system and hydrostatic power steering, coupled with 144 inch turning radius make this vehicle a highly maneuverable machine. The TC-50E is equipped with rear control buttons for inching up to intended loads. 

  • Chassis: Battery: Type: Less Industrial Battery, EBC 320 Connector, 25 inch Lead, Position D, Compartment System Voltage: 80 Charger: Optional
  • Chassis: Brakes: Rear: Wet discs Front: Hydraulic disc Parking: Manual with Interlock
  • Chassis: Powertrain: Type: Electric Power: Optional Transmission: Dual Planetary Reduction Drive: Controller: AC
  • Chassis: Steering: Full Power Hydrostatic
  • Chassis: Suspension: Rear: Coil springs Front: Leaf springs
  • Chassis: Tires: Rear: 175/80 pneumatic Front: N/A
  • Dimensions: Deck: Width: N/A Length: N/A Height: N/A
  • Dimensions: Height: Less Cab: 55" (139 cm) With Cab: 74.6" (189 cm)
  • Dimensions: Hitch Height: 13.5" (34.3cm)
  • Dimensions: Length: 136.1" (345 cm)
  • Dimensions: Outside Turning Radius: 144" (365.8cm)
  • Dimensions: Weight: 5000 lbs (2273 kg) Less battery
  • Dimensions: Width: 56" (142 cm)
  • Interior: Instrumentation: Coolant temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, volt meter, hour meter, ignition switch, headlight sitch, electric horn, DC/DC Converter
  • Interior: Seats: Driver: Adjustable Suspension Seat with Interlock Passenger: Suspension Seat
  • Performance: Load Capacity: N/A
  • Performance: Passengers: 2
  • Performance: Range: 30 Miles (48 km)
  • Performance: Speed: 15 mph (24.1 km/h)
  • Performance: Tow Capacity: Tow Capacity: 60,000 lbs. (27,215 kg)
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