Make Hyster
Model T5-T7Z
Type Tow Tractors
A versatile truck designed for indoor use, this truck is suited to tow loads up to 15000 lbs.
Advanced technology

Hyster® i3 Technology™ integrates commonality among Hyster warehouse products and simplifies the way in which operators and technicians alike handle and service the truck. This technology allows operator input to optimize performance to suit operator skill level. It also provides setup and diagnostic menus for service technicians.

Enhanced productivity

The 3-phase AC induction drive motor unit with integral, tapered roller steer bearing enhances operator control. In addition, it provides authoritative towing power capable of pulling up to 15,000 lbs rolling payload. The 24-volt AC electrical system and transistor controller give you maximum energy efficiency, reduced maintenance and infinite speed control. The state-of-the-art CANbus electrical system reduces wiring and electrical connections, streamlining communications and improving reliability and serviceability.

Cold storage is no problem

The Hyster T5-7ZAC tow tractor series is designed for continuous use in general warehouses and refrigerated coolers, as well as intermittent use in freezers to -15°F. Optional environmental packages include continuous cold storage/freezer, severe freezer/corrosion and UL type “EE” classification. 

Built for comfort

The superior ergonomic design of the E80-120XN series means greater comfort for your operator. Enhanced ergonomics combined with customizable performance characteristics increase overall productivity and uptime.

  • Easy-to-use 3-point entry design of operator compartment uses a molded hand grip and armrest/hip restraint to minimize muscle/joint strain.
  • A large floor space provides operator comfort, while the widened overhead guard legs allow for greater visibility.
  • Adjustable steer column assures the right fit.
  • High-comfort seat conforms to the operator to reduce operator fatigue.
  • 12-inch steering wheel with integrated spinner knob reduces fatigue while providing more knee room and offers superior efficiency, maneuverability and control.
  • capacity: 10000-15000lbs
  • Environment Specification 1: Indoor
  • load_weight: 7000lbs
  • max_lift_height: -
  • models: T5-7Z
  • Built for comfort
  • Advanced technology
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Cold storage is no problem
Hyster Special Equipment Brochure
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T5-7ZAC Brochure Tech Guide
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Heavyweight Handler Sales Sheet
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