Make Yale
Model MTR005-MTR007F
Type Tow Tractors
MTR005-MTR007F tow tractors are engineered to efficiently carry out heavy duty tugging and tractor tasks, including low-level order picking and horizontal transportation.
Easy to service

The MTR-F series trucks are designed with the smallest service details in mind. But, there’s nothing small about their service access, helping make servicing fast, easy and convenient.

  • On-board diagnostics
  • Fused traction controller
  • Stationary traction motor eliminates cable flex
  • Integral steer bearings lubricated in the drive unit oil bath

With best-in-class ergonomics, the Yale MTR-F series helps you get the job done by reducing operator fatigue and improving productivity.

Spacious operator compartment with:

  • Convenient floor-mounted switch for
    Productive performance

    Yale tow tractors are built for dependable performance in tough applications.

    • Separately Excited Motor (SEM) technology provides enhanced performance and reliable traction control
    • Auto Deceleration System provides controlled deceleration when operator returns throttle to neutral, reducing fatigue and enhancing productivity
    • Jaw-type coupler automatically latches and manually releases
    • Robotically welded steel frame for strong, dependable performance
  • capacity: 10000-15000lbs
  • Environment Specification 1: Indoor
  • load_weight: 7000lbs
  • max_lift_height: -
  • models: MTR005-MTR007F
  • Easy to service
  • Productive performance
  • Ergonomics
MTR005-007E Brochure
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MTR005-007F Spec Sheet
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