Make Yale
Model MO100T-150T
Type Tow Tractors
Move carts and product through your facility with ease, using a cost-effective solution you can count on.
Ergonomic advantages

Equip operators to stay focused, alert and productive all shift long.

  • Power steering reduces arm movement required to change direction
  • Personnel sensor covers entire platform floor and combines with large backrest to help operator find comfortable position
  • Coasting function for slow forward and reverse speed easily controlled from backrest
Low ownership costs

Margins are tight in the supply chain. This tow tractor is a solution built to provide lasting value and help you keep costs in check.

  • Adjustable performance settings allow you to tailor truck performance to the needs of the application, for reduced energy consumption
  • Regenerative braking reduces the use of the service brake and dissipates heat from the traction motor, increasing the life of key components
  • Motors and controllers are protected against damage and debris, for reduced service and repair costs

You need equipment you can count on. The MO50-70T is strong enough to keep going, day after day.

  • Solid frame construction and industrial grade components offer long-term reliability and durability
  • Sturdy wrap around bumper plate protects truck from impacts and damage
  • Electronics are sealed for protection from damage
  • CANbus communication system reduces wiring complexity

When it's time for service, you need it to get done correctly and quickly. The MO50-70T offers the easy access and low maintenance requirements your operation needs.

  • Fault codes can be displayed on console for easy service verification
  • One-piece hood offers easy access to key components
  • Motor cover is easily removable with just two screws, for full access to serviceable components

Meeting high performance targets requires a tool with speed and control.

  • High capacity 3.5 horsepower AC drive motor offers acceleration and travel speed to get the job done in stop and go operations
  • Acceleration, travel and braking speeds can be adjusted according to the needs of each application
  • Electric steering and automatic speed reduction in cornering offers the control necessary to meet productivity benchmarks
  • Maximum 5.6 mph travel speed reduces time spent on long runs between docking and picking areas
  • capacity: 10000-15000lbs
  • Environment Specification 1: Indoor
  • load_weight: 15000lbs
  • max_lift_height: -
  • models: MO100T-150T
  • Productivity
  • Low ownership costs
  • Serviceability
  • Dependability
  • Ergonomic advantages
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