Make Hyster
Model T5-T7Z
Type Tow Tractors

Towing Power to Get the Job Done Efficiently

A versatile truck designed for indoor use, this truck is ideally suited for applications such as general warehousing & storage, distribution centers with cooler and freezer applications.

By utilizing the latest advancements in AC Traction Control technology our center riders offer enhancements such as superior torque, enhanced speed capabilities, reliability, thermal performance and smoother acceleration. And there are no motor brushes which means no arcing, no sparking, and no maintenance.

Model Table
Model Model Designation Load Capacity (lbs) Battery Maximum Travel Speed (mph)
T5ZAC Tow Tractor 10000 24 7.8
T7ZAC Tow Tractor 15000 24 8.4
T7ZAC Heavyweight Handler™ Tow Tractor 1500 24 8.4(no load); 8.3(with 200 lb. load)
  • Capacity: 10,000 - 15,000 lbs
  • Max Height: 0
  • Max Weight: 15000 lbs
  • Series Title: T5-T7Z
  • Type: Tow Tractors
  • Weight: lbs
  • Hyster® i3 Technology™ integrates commonality among Hyster warehouse products and simplifies the way in which operators and technicians alike handle and service the truck. The Integrated Intelligent Interface ties together functionality, software, diagnostic codes, similar interfaces and is Hyster Tracker compatible. This technology allows operator input to optimize performance to suit operator skill level. It also provides setup and diagnostic menus for service technicians.
  • Hyster also offers the T7ZAC Heavyweight Handler™ option designed to unload flat-pack and odd-shaped, single-pack items from trailers with greater ease and speed, helping cut unloading times up to 50% and decrease labor up to 40% 
  • Welded, heavy duty steel constructed frame with steel castings for high stress areas provide superior rigidity and unrivaled durability.
  • Environmental packages include cooler / refrigerated, intermittent freezer applications, and spark proof protection. • Four user selectable performance modes and a user friendly multi-function display.
  • Customizing the truck to the application, customizing to the skill level of the operator, customizing a password protected performance set-up menu.
  • A selectable range of extended shift performance modes, on-board diagnostic tool capabilities
  • The state-of-the-art CANbus electrical system reduces wiring and electrical connections, streamlining communications and improving reliability and serviceability.