Make Hyster
Model HY55-PT
Type Pallet Trucks

Durable, Versatile, Operator Friendly Manual Hand Pallet Trucks

The Hyster® HY55-PT manually operated hand pallet trucks are durable, versatile and easy to use. They feature an ergonomic design that may reduce operator fatigue and downtime.   The HY55-PT provides exceptional maneuverability in compact areas and the standard polyurethane wheels and rollers provide outstanding rolling ease.
Model Table
Model Load Capacity (lbs) Chassis Width Weight Fork Length
HY55-PT-20.5 5500 20.5 180 48
HY55-PT-27 5500 27 180 48
  • Capacity: 5,500 lbs
  • Max Height: 7
  • Max Weight: 5500 lbs
  • Series Title: HY55-PT
  • Type: Manual Hand Pallet Trucks
  • Weight: lbs
  • Tandem load wheels
  • Rebuildable pump
  • Parking brake
  • Backrests
  • Heavy duty 1.25" thinks steel adjustable push rods
  • Quick-lift pump units
  • Nylon load wheels
  • Exit rollers prevent "pulling" the pallet when exiting
  • Grooved lever plate and fool release pedal for quick and convenient lowering option
  • Articulating axle keeps load stable and acts as a shock absorber
  • Poly/steel steer wheel
  • Various fork lengths and widths
  • Grease and oil fittings at all castings and pivot points
  • 9" handle base
  • Stainless steel and galvanized trucks available
  • Handle-return spring guard
  • Cushioned handle providing operator comfort
  • 10 full strokes to reach maximum lift
  • Handle bolt designed for easy assembly and removal
  • Powder-coat paint finish
  • 2.1" thick steel c-channel
  • Entry rollers prevent "pushing" the pallet upon entry
  • 2 Year warranty on hydraulic unit and frame