Make Hyster
Model H170-190FT
Type Internal Combustion
Compact strength and proven performance for applications where size matters.
Operator-friendly design

Operator space is optimized, thanks to the modern overhead guard design and significantly expanded floor space. The truck also has an easy to use three-point entry design with a low step height.

Hassle-free hydraulic systems

Hydraulic systems such as the leak-free O-ring face seal fittings reduce leaks for enhanced reliability. Non-mechanical, Hall-Effect sensors and switches have also been fitted which are designed to outlast the life of the truck.


This feature allows the operator to manage their travel speed, according to the position of their foot on the accelerator pedal.

Auto Deceleration System (ADS)

The heavy duty industrial use engine comes with a cast iron cylinder block and no HT (high tension) wires, distributor caps or rotors. 

Performance optimization developments are included such as cooling on demand, load sensing hydraulics (power on demand), RPM management and alternate engine idle speed to help further reduce the total fuel consumption in most applications.

ECO-eLo performance mode reduces energy consumption by up to 15% compared with previous generation engines.

Controlled rollback on ramp

The transmission controls the rate of decent on a ramp when the brake and throttle pedal are released. This provides maximum control on a grade and increases operator productivity.

  • capacity: 17000-19000lbs
  • Environment Specification 1: Outdoors
  • load_weight: 19000lbs
  • max_lift_height: 258
  • models: H170-190FT
  • Hassle-free hydraulic systems
  • Operator-friendly design
  • Throttle response management
  • Auto Deceleration System (ADS)
  • Controlled rollback on ramp
Hyster Special Equipment Brochure
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H170-190FT Brochure
H170-190FT Brochure Download
H170-190FT Tech Guide
H170-190FT Tech Guide Download
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