Make Yale
Model ERP155-190VNL
Type 4 Wheel Electric
Groundbreaking electric option delivers the ICE-like performance that heavy-duty applications require, with all the advantages of integrated lithium-ion battery power, including no emissions, no battery maintenance, and simple, fast charging.

Indoors or out, operators need to get in and out of a range of storage layouts. The ERP-VNL has the maneuverability to make it happen.

  • Shortened counterweight design enables reduced overall truck length
  • Turn assist system helps reduce turn radius and ability to move in tight spaces
Fast charging, more uptime

The ERP-VNL breaks new ground with lithium-ion power in a higher-capacity lift truck. It translates into more time working and less time charging and replacing batteries.

  • No battery maintenance required, operators simply plug in and charge with no extra steps
  • Fast charging, going from lift lock-out (12% state of charge) in less than 90 minutes, and remaining at 90% efficiency throughout operation
  • Longer overall service life than lead-acid battery power
Operator comfort

Set up operators for success, with features designed to keep them comfortable and productive, all shift long.

  • No emissions in operation or when charging
  • Low noise levels thanks to efficient electric power
  • Standard air ride seat avoids transmitting excess vibration to operator
  • Hydraulic mini-lever controls require less pressure to operate
Indoor and outdoor capability

Streamline your lift truck fleet with the multipurpose ERP-190VNL, designed to work both indoors and out. Say goodbye to separate trucks for different areas of your operation and slim down your fleet.

  • capacity: 15500-19000lbs
  • Environment Specification 1: Outdoors
  • load_weight: 19000lbs
  • max_lift_height: 258
  • models: ERP155-190VNL
  • Operator comfort
  • Fast charging, more uptime
  • Indoor and outdoor capability
  • Maneuverability
ERP155-190VNL Brochure
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ERP155-190VNL Spec Sheet
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