Yale ERC045-070VG

Make Yale
Model ERC045-070VG
Type 4 Wheel Electric

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Minimal Forklift Maintenance with Maximum Efficiency

The ERC045-070VG four wheel electric forklift truck is one of the most operator-friendly lift trucks in the industry. Its ergonomic design maximizes productivity and reduces operator fatigue and downtime.

Designed for indoor use, this versatile lift truck comes with lower maintenance costs and is easy to service due to the highly efficient AC traction and hydraulic motors. Between the lower operating expenses, reduced maintenance costs, extended maintenance intervals and increased throughput, the ERC045-070VG provides outstanding productivity and productivity cost savings.


Model Table
Model Model Designation Load Capacity (lbs.) Maximum Travel Speed (mph) Maximum Lift Speed (ft/min)
ERC045VG 4 Wheel Electric Trucks 4500 12.3 152
ERC050VG 4 Wheel Electric Trucks 5000 12.3 152
ERC055VG 4 Wheel Electric Trucks 5500 12.3 152
ERC060VG 4 Wheel Electric Trucks 6000 12.3 124
ERC065VG 4 Wheel Electric Trucks 6500 12.3 124
ERC070VG 4 Wheel Electric Trucks 7000 12.3 124


  • Capacity: 4,500 - 7,000 lbs
  • Max Height: 288
  • Max Weight: 7000 lbs
  • Series Title: ERC045-070VG
  • Type: Electric Four-Wheel Cushion Tire
  • Weight: lbs


  • Competitive testing shows that the ERC045-070VG electric rider product offers the best energy efficiency (energy used per load moved) of any lift truck in its class in North America.
  • Easy-operating optional AccuTouch e-hydraulic mini-levers & armrest give contoured, soft-touch surfaces, thumb actuated direction selection and seat-side power disconnect.
  • The ERC045-070VG series trucks are designed with a focus on "human engineering" to minimize operator strain and fatigue.
  • The innovative Intellix VSM (Vehicle Systems Manager) allows the operator to track all major truck functions and alert them to potential problems before they become an issue.