Make JCB
Type Hydraulic Excavators
A tracked excavator ideally suited to the rental industry, JCB’s new 131X offers an unbeatable mixture of durability and unparalleled ease of maintenance.
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  • Gross Engine Power: 74 hp

    55 kW

  • Max Dig Depth: 19' 9"

    6.03 m

  • Operating Weight: 31,499 lb

    14,288 kg

  • Low in-cab noise of 67dB(A)
  • EXPERIENCE GREATER PERFORMANCE: JCB has invested four years of research and development, inspired by the feedback of thousands of customers, to build a machine that is ready to perform in the most extreme conditions, including freezing cold or 131ºF heat. The 131X works with extreme efficiency, whether on the demolition site or in the quarry. The 74 hp (55 kW) JCB EcoMAX T4F engine has no replaceable DPF and requires no DEF, resulting in lower running costs. Best-in-class productivity with large diameter hydraulic pipes and hoses and an innovative hydraulic regeneration system that recycles oil across the cylinders. Auto-stop and auto-idle provides fuel savings of up to 5 percent.
  • Flat revolver side skirts and double skinned doors
  • EXCELLENT CONTROL: Four years of JCB hydraulic engineering development, combined with the latest Japanese components, has created an ideal balance of controllability and efficiency. Customizable proportional controls allow the operator to set preferences for speed and attachment control. A new dozer option adds extra versatility. Additionally, the boom float feature allows for smooth grading along hard surfaces and improves breaker efficiency by applying the correct amount of pressure. A power boost button increases pressure by 9 percent for up to 9 seconds, for brief bursts of extra tear out force … perfect for tough conditions.
  • EXTREMELY EASY: Customer and operator feedback, blended with the latest in ergonomic design, has created a 131X that is easy to use and easy to transport … making it easy to get more done. A new start-stop button eliminates the need to turn the key to restart, allowing a return to operation within two seconds. Pipework shut-off taps are standard and SAE fittings enable quick connection of attachments. The easy quick hitch further simplifies operation, with an override for removing large breakers or forks. JCB’s advanced tool select system improves attachment handling by monitoring pressure and flow.
  • EXTREME STRENGTH: After four years of hydraulic, electronic and electrical development, and thousands of hours of extreme endurance testing, the JCB 131X excavator is a machine you can depend on. Not just reliable, the 131X is built JCB-tough, to withstand the most demanding job sites. The 131X excavator has been tested to the extreme. It has endured tracking and vibration on a shaker rig to replicate 15,000 hours of operation. Windows and doors have been opened and closed 30,000 times. Hot and cold climate testing has been performed in controlled conditions and real-world locations, from -22°F to 130°F. JCB engine technology is tried and proven; the EcoMAX engine in the 131X has undergone 110,000 hours of testing in 70 different machines, in the toughest applications and environments on the planet. JCB’s latest boom and dipper is made of high-tensile steel, reinforced with three-piece wrapper plates and cast ends for extra strength and durability.
  • EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT: Ergonomic design, automotive-quality materials and engineering excellence combine to deliver exceptional comfort. And with exceptional ride comfort and low noise levels, even the most demanding operator will be more productive. The spacious JCB CommandPlus cab features a high-quality, injection-molded interior. An industry-leading Grammer seat offers wide, adjustable arm rests and 145-degree recline capability. Improved cab isolation, using latest double cushion viscous mounts, helps to minimize vibration and reduce in-cab noise to just 67 dB(A). A powerful new climate control system, with 11 targeted vents, provides optimum performance in hot and cold environments and the cool/heat box comes as standard.
  • Proven undercarriage with fully-welded X-frame construction
  • Proven Japanese hydraulics
  • Spacious JCB CommandPlus+ cab with powerful new HVAC, with 11 targeted vents
  • 74 hp (55 kW) JCB EcoMAX T4F engine that requires no DPF or DEF