67C-1 Compact Excavator

Make JCB
Model 67C-1 Compact Excavator
Type Compact Excavators
Ultimate productivity comes as standard on the new generation JCB 65r and 67c diggers. Build quality, performance, efficiency, comfort, safety and serviceability are all part of the package.
  • Max. Dig Depth: 13 ft 4 in / 4.08 m
  • Max. Dump Height: 14 ft / 4.28 m
  • Operating Weight: 14,903 lb / 6,760 kg
  • AT YOUR SERVICE: Graphite impregnated bronze bushings have enabled us to make greasing intervals at the dozer and dig ends of these 6 Metric Ton JCB excavators a best-in-class 500 hours, saving you time and money.Filling your JCB 67c’s fuel tank from ground level is easy with our wide opening steel hood and external diesel indicator. JCB’s optional refuelling pump with auto stop function can reduce fuel spillage and increase safety.The JCB 67c compact excavators boast the best SAE service rating on the market, with innovative features like a 30-degree tilting cab (requiring no special tools to operate) making life easier.These JCB excavators feature color-coded hydraulic hoses for easy identification. Dozer hoses are easy to replace because they terminate at the bulkhead.Cleaning is straightforward inside and out on a 67c compact excavator; the sealed idler tension unit and open frame undercarriage design with sloping track legs prevent material build-up, while the two-piece floor mat is easily removable.A large inspection cover permits easy access to key components like the rotary joint, slew bearing, removable side skirts and in-fill panel. Lifting your excavator is made easier by the tapered dozer lift points behind the edge of the blade.
  • A GREAT PERFORMANCE: With a JCB 67c, tractive effort and 3.1mph(5kph) tracking speeds are class leading so high dozer capabilities and fast travel times are guaranteed. Our auto kickdown motors help to increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue by automatically adapting to changes in terrain.
  • QUALITY TIME: We’ve used a simplified H-frame construction and finite element analysis to design the ultimate heavy-duty excavator structure. This chassis ensures that the JCB 67c combine durability with confidence-inspiring stability.Constructed using four plates, our clean and elegant arm design offers added structural strength. The boom and arm is a fully welded unit, and made of high tensile strength steel. Internal baffle plates guarantee a long service life.Maximum excavator arm protection is assured during all applications because JCB 67c compact excavators have a heavy-duty boom cylinder guard, with the option of dipper and crowd ram guards too.Our heavy-duty swing bracket with durable re-bushable pivots is built to last. We also use it to safely route all excavator hoses. Hydraulic seals are the very latest O-ring face seal (ORFS) type, reducing the risk of leaks.The 67c compact excavator benefits from truly premium components like JCB Diesel by Kohler, Nachi and Bosch-Rexroth hydraulics, and Bridgestone tracks.High quality rubber tracks with interlocking links help the JCB 67c to perform anywhere. Optional 16"/24" steel tracks are pre-drilled for rubber pads, and you can also choose dedicated Bridgestone GeoGrip Road Liner Pads.
  • COMFORTABLY SUPERIOR: JCB’s 6 Metric Ton excavator cab is now even more spacious, with storage galore, a phone tray, storage net and a cup holder. The whole area is accessed easily and safely via a large door.Our 67c compact excavators are fit with a radio, 12V phone charger, powerful heater with window de-froster and a high performing air conditioning system with 9 vents.Rubber mounts have been deployed to isolate the hydraulic valve block from the chassis on these compact excavators. This reduces in-cab noise and vibration, yet the valve block itself is still easy to access beneath a side-opening hood.You can alternate quickly between single and double-acting auxiliary flow thanks to a convenient switch in the cab. Switch between 10 different rates on the electro proportional high flow line for seamless operation of a huge variety of attachments.Fully adjustable suspension seating provides great operator comfort; our heated air suspension option, meanwhile, has independent adjustable positions for the ultimate in ergonomics. Our switches are intuitively laid out around an informative color LCD display with optional reversing camera.Operators can be assured of smooth and precise grading with our standard-fit electro-hydraulic dozer control. To reduce vibration and noise – and offer the smoothest ride – the JCB 67c’s short pitched tracks engage every tooth on the sprocket.
  • THE SAFE CHOICE: JCB's 67c compact excavator cabs are fully ROPS and TOPS-compliant. Optional boom and cab work light guards offer protection during hazardous applications; likewise optional boom, dozer and arm hose burst check valves (HBCVs).All hydraulic functions on these JCB excavators can be fully isolated with JCB’s safety lever lock, thus preventing unintended movement. With JCB’s unique 2GO system, the hydraulics can only be operated in a safe lockable position via two separate inputs.The JCB 67c offers greater visibility than our outgoing 6 Metric Ton excavators, thanks in part to a 70/30 front screen split that provides a clear view of the front right track for easy, safe trench digging and maneuvering.An RTS compact excavator significantly reduces impact risk in tight workspaces. The cab door sits within the counterweight length when folded back, conveniently protecting itself from damage during operation.Large track frame width and a low center of gravity helps to ensure that stability on the JCB 67c is best-in-class.Damage can occur on site so we’ve fitted flat side glass windows to the 67c excavator to minimize replacement costs.
  • MORE FOR YOUR MONEY: Because combustion in the 67c compact excavators’ JCB Diesel by Kohler engine is very clean, we haven’t had to use a diesel particulate filter (DPF), which in turn reduces servicing, increases uptime and improves fuel efficiency.Our Below Idle feature means that engine revs are reduced even further when the operator’s armrest is raised. Fuel economy and noise levels are thus reduced. You can program Auto Idle to activate after your 67c’s controls have been inactive for any period between 2 and 30 seconds.This 6 Metric Ton JCB excavator boasts load-sensing hydraulics that only consume power on demand so you save fuel for when you need it the most.Tailor performance to match any application with the 67c compact excavator’s two separate dig modes – ECO for maximum efficiency, and heavy for maximum productivity.We’ve patented our near zero pressure return line circuit so you won’t find it anywhere else. In short, it offers added fuel efficiency because the hydraulic pump can start work without having to overcome a very high pressure.We’ve achieved optimal dig end geometry on these JCB excavators by carefully matching the boom and arm to each other. This superb balance helps you to operate with total ease in confined areas.