19C-1 Compact Excavator

Make JCB
Model 19C-1 Compact Excavator
Type Compact Excavators
Choosing a compact excavator just got easier thanks to JCB’s new generation of compact digging machines, including the 19C-1, a conventional tailswing machine available with cab as standard or available canopy, and operating weights of 4,211 lb (1,910 kg) or 4,034 lb (1,830 kg) respectively. Built to withstand the most demanding job sites, with proven, long-lasting components and simplified service requirements, the JCB 19C-1 compact excavator promises less downtime and more profit.
  • null:
  • Max. Dig Depth: 7 ft 11 in

    2.43 m

  • Max. Dump Height: 8 ft 8 in

    2.6 m

  • Operating Weight: 4,211 lb

    1,912 kg

  • Swing-out counterweight provides easy access to service points and protects important machine components
  • Full width rear cast counterweight gives full protection against site damage.
  • 500-hour greasing intervals for reduced downtime
  • Choose Easy: JCB makes it easy to tackle the most demanding excavating applications by offering a range of capable and productive compact excavators with reduced servicing requirements and improved operator comfort. A dedicated service access door facilitates daily checks with minimal fuss, and a large, bi-fold service door opens 180 degrees to enable quick and easy maintenance and cleaning. An external, lockable fuel tank ensures easy refueling. Pre-start checks of hydraulic fluid levels are quick and easy. New dig-end precision fine control allows for smooth operation for even the less experienced operator, for improved productivity. Standard 2-speed tracking and manual shift on dozer button. New right hand front positioned panel with easy button functions, easy to read indicators and warnings. Large glass area (cab model) with a 70/30 split line and clear joining split allows unobstructed visibility down to the dozer blade. Improved 2-speed heater with three adjustable vents for the ultimate in operator comfort.
  • Separate service access door for daily checks
  • Transport weights of 4,045 lb (1,835 kg) (cab) or 3,869 lb (1,755 kg) (canopy) allow easy towing without a commercial driver’s license (subject to local regulations).
  • Flat glass which is easier to replace and more cost effective than curved options, with the added benefit of sun reflecting tinted glass.
  • Choose Safe: JCB has always been at the forefront of job site safety and constantly strives to improve the safety of machine operators and others on the work site. The body design and large glass areas (cab models only) of the new generation of JCB compact excavators enable excellent all-around visibility for increased on site safety. The standard-fit JCB 2Go full-control isolation lever, with neutral start operation, means machines will not start unless all operations are first isolated by locking the pilot control shut-off valve. All services, including tracking and dozer, are isolated when the control pod is raised, preventing accidental operation. A lockable internal toolbox is standard on all models and provides safe tool storage. Optional JCB Livelink telematics provides geofence and work-time restrictions and allows fleet managers to monitor machine usage.
  • 100 percent steel bodywork for maximum impact protection and ease of repair
  • 10 integrated tie-down points make transportation easier without damaging the tracks
  • Choose Quick: When time is money and getting from the last job to the next job quicker is a huge advantage, the JCB compact excavators give you a competitive advantage. JCB machines are quick to clean, service and transport, and allow faster attachment changes, for a more productive –and profitable—operation. 10 integrated tie-down and lifting points ensure compliant, speedy machine transportation. The sloping undercarriage design reduces soil retention and enables fast cleaning. The need for daily greasing is eliminated, and maintenance and cleaning access points are easy to get to, for quicker turnaround times between jobs. New dozer geometry, with an innovatively designed curve and increased height, reduces material build up. With a transport weight as low as 3,869 lb (1,755 kg), the 19C-1 compact excavator can be towed easily, often without a commercial driver’s license (subject to local regulations). A complete range of JCB attachments is available, offering the ultimate in performance, full JCB warranty compliance, and optimized fit and efficiency. New dig-end geometry allows the machines to load dumpers without the need to re-position the machine. Industry-standard bucket centers and 1.18-inch (30 mm) pin sizes enable maximum attachment versatility.