Wastemaster Backhoe Loader

Make JCB
Model Wastemaster Backhoe Loader
Type Backhoe Loaders / Backhoes
The JCB 5CX Wastemaster backhoe loader is designed specifically for the waste and recycling industry, to move containers, load skips, compact waste, clean up and more.
  • Gross Engine Power: 109 hp

    81 kW

  • Max. Dig Depth: 20 ft

    6.14 m

  • Max. Loader Capacity: 10,225 lb

    4,638 kg

  • Three steering modes including 4-wheel steer and crab steer
  • Powerful 81 kW JCB EcoMAX engine
  • 2-year/2,000-hour bucket-to-bucket, transferable warranty
  • JCB Jaw Bucket or Selector Grab to improve compaction efficiency by up 400 percent
  • SAFE AND ECONOMICAL: Safety on site is enhanced by superb all-around visibility from the cab. High visibility stabilizer chevrons, rotating beacon and a reversing alarm are also standard features, for improved safety of the operator and others on the work site. The machine itself is protected by boom guards, light guards, a fuel tank guard and puncture protected tires. The JCB 5CX Wastemaster backhoe loader uses the most robust loader arms and axles available and features the powerful 109 hp (81 kW) JCB EcoMAX engine. The road performance and exceptional fuel economy of the 5CX Wastemaster means that travel between sites is fast, easy and cost effective compared to other equipment. The JCB 5CX Wastemaster backhoe loader offers unrivaled flexibility at a lower capital investment and with lower ownership costs than alternative, less versatile machines.
  • ATTACHMENTS FOR ALL-AROUND VERSATILITY: JCB’s extensive range of attachments ensures that the JCB 5CX Wastemaster backhoe loader is highly effective and efficient for much more than just compaction. Available attachments include grabs for handling waste material, a hook for maneuvering bins, and a sweeper collector for keeping the site clean and tidy. Furthermore, the range of purpose-designed bucket options open up a wide array of typical waste re-handling tasks. At the loader end, users can choose between high capacity buckets, general purpose buckets, 6-in-1 buckets or top grab buckets to suit the application and nature of the load. At the excavator end, a hydraulic jaw bucket or selector grab are highly effective options for material handling.
  • World’s most versatile waste handling machine
  • On-board diagnostics and fleet management with JCB Automate and LiveLink telematics
  • SUPERIOR VISIBILITY: The JCB 5CX Wastemaster backhoe loader is equipped with front stabilizer legs and taller-than standard rear stabilizers to elevate the machine well clear of the ground. This increased height provides the operator with a commanding view into the waste container while compacting material with either a grapple or compaction wheel.
  • Individual skip hook attachment to move containers around the site
  • Four stabilizer legs to provide extra height for improved visibility into the waste containers, balers and shredders