Make JCB
Model 4CX ECO
Type Backhoe Loaders / Backhoes
The JCB 4CX backhoe is the largest model in our range, boasting 1.0m3 and 1.3m3 option shovel capacity, 3 steer modes and our efficient, powerful 74.2 kW Dieselmax engine.
  • Maximum Dig Depth: 6.51m
  • Maximum Engine Power : 109hp (81kW)
  • 3-steer modes including 4-wheel steer and crab steer
  • LESS SERVICING, MORE SERVICE: An upgraded engine and fuel filter prevents engine wear and extends our EcoMAX engine’s working life. Daily under bonnet checks are a thing of the past with the JCB 4CX – all engine checks are done automatically by the CANBUS electronics engine management system. Most Tier 4i engines use a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or SCR, requiring additional AdBlue fluid level maintenance – EcoMAX doesn’t. For an even more efficient backhoe experience, JCB’s new multi-functional instrument control panel can provide the 4CX’s current and average fuel consumption, as well as service faults and critical faults. The plastic fuel tank on a JCB 4CX Eco is completely rustproof to prevent rust forming in the tank, which protects the fuel injection system. The single-piece composite cab floor is also rustproof, with moulded water channels. LiveLink telematics can provide accurate up-to-date machine health information on your 4CX. The system can also maximise uptime by making it easy to service your machines at the most efficient times possible. The 4CX’s power brakes utilise the existing hydraulic supply, reducing operator costs and daily service checks. A large fuel tank means extended periods between fill ups for a longer, more productive working day.
  • Powerful 74.2 kW Dieselmax engine
  • BUILD QUALITY: Because we’re the market leader, every JCB tractor backhoe we release is planned and developed to far higher standards than rival offerings. With the JCB 4CX, this process took over three years, and involved the most demanding tests imaginable, putting machines through every possible exercise in all climates, including arctic conditions. (The testing doesn’t end there either; every new JCB 4CX is put through around 600 performance checks on the production line). Pre-production, we rigorously tested numerous JCB 4CX prototypes, pre-builds and pre-production models on benches, in vehicle labs and on tracks. We also carried out extensive EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) testing to ensure that signals from mobile phones and radios didn’t affect the machine in any way. Hydraulic hoses are approved to work down to -40°C and all JCB 4CX materials are tested to extreme temperatures and exposed to chemical, salt, oil and sunlight to ensure maximum protection.
  • World’s most efficient backhoe across typical duty cycles
  • Best-in-class backhoe output – more material moved per hour
  • COMFORT: The JCB 4CX is specially designed to enable fatigue-free, productive day-long working. Our luxury heated air suspension seat is just the start of an ergonomics and styling package that’s best-in-class. We also beat the opposition with the JCB 4CX’s low noise and vibration levels – the cab is rubber-mounted and isolated. Inside this JCB tractor backhoe, controls feature an LCD panel detailing machine hours, service information fuel level and system warnings. A 360° view through tinted windows aids comfort, productivity and safety. In particular, our innovative scoop design one-piece rear windscreen allows JCB 4CX operators to see right into the trench when excavating.
  • Integrated quickhitch with forks – best-in-class visibility and lift capacity
  • BRAKING: JCB tractor backhoes have always had class-leading braking performance but the JCB 4CX takes this even further. Modelled on car brakes, our power brakes provide proportional braking throughout the pedal travel for superb control. The JCB 4CX’s power brakes utilise the existing hydraulic supply, reducing operator costs and daily service checks. Other braking improvements to the JCB 4CX include a redesigned and lowered ergonomic pedal position, and full floating discs – this reduces drag, improves fuel economy and increases road speed.
  • EFFICIENCY: We’ll start with yet more efficiency benefits of the JCB 4CX. For starters, we’ve developed EcoDig, a standard fitment three-pump hydraulic system that allows the same high hydraulic flow and pressure but at lower engine speeds, for up to 15% improvement in fuel economy when excavating. Operating a JCB 4CX at lower engine revs reduces engine carbon emissions (by up to 15%) and engine wear. It also prolongs intervals between refuelling for better productivity. In short, the JCB 4CX has best-in-class backhoe output moving more material per hour than anything else. JCB EcoRoad technology is also fitted to the 4CX tractor backhoe, and it’s designed to provide the highest efficiency and productivity levels possible when roading. Featuring JCB’s patented TorqueLock technology (the world’s first lock-up torque converter fitted to a backhoe loader), EcoRoad reduces fuel consumption by up to 25%, yet increases both speed and working area by up to 10%. Another feature of the JCB 4CX is the Hydraulic Speed Control (HSC), which automatically disconnects the first hydraulic pump when in fourth gear. This reduces fuel consumption still further. All this on top of the fact that our entire Dieselmax powertrain was specifically designed for optimum efficiency in tractor backhoes. The JCB 4CX has certainly earned its “Eco” tag.