Make JCB
Model S2046E
Type Scissor Lifts
S2046E - an outdoor-rated electric scissor lift with non-marking tires (as standard), making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Drive motor protection and non-marking tires make the S2046E a robust, durable scissor lift for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Load Capacity: 1,210 lb / 550 kg
  • Platform Height: 20 ft 8 in / 6.3 m
  • Platform Width: 3 ft 9 in
  • EASIER TO SERVICE: p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Calibri}There is no disputing, a machine that is easy to service saves time and money. All the models within the JCB electric scissor lift range are designed for easy access to all parts, especially serviceable parts. With ground level access to batteries and hydraulics, plus high quality JCB parts, such as filters and valve blocks, servicing time and costs are kept to an absolute minimum. Livelink Lite, our innovative telematics system allows you monitor your equipment remotely and will alert you to unplanned movements or use outside operational hours.
  • 550kg / 1,210lbs platform capacity
  • 6.3m / 20’8’’ maximum platform height
  • Unique gate handle for easy and safe access and egress.
  • Power to platform as standard
  • BUILT TO A HIGHER STANDARD: JCB understands the rental market and the importance of maximizing uptime, which is why we use only tough, long lasting components. Using our 70 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, we employed proven JCB features on the range of electric scissor lifts, including the full pivot boss design on scissor pack, weld designs and motor protection plates. Unique to JCB are our battery and hydraulic door wear pads, which support the doors when closed, to prevent sagging. TUV certified to EN280 and complies with the latest ANSI and CSA legislation.
  • Roller supported deck extension for effortless extension even at height
  • Outdoor rated machine (up to 12.5 m/sec wind speed)
  • SAFETY FIRST: Safety is a priority for JCB. Bringing our off-highway safety expertise to the electric scissor lift range, Access machines are fitted with a host of safety systems, including control interlocks, pot hole protection, speed limiting at height and a load sensing system. Multiple levels of redundancy are incorporated into the safety systems and key safety components are protected from accidental damage and tampering.
  • EASIER TO USE: JCB recognizes that equipment must be easy to use to maximize productivity. A unique gate handle, instead of a push button, makes for easier and safer entry, and a unique roller design for the extension deck makes it easier to extend or retract. With features including an ergonomic controller cradle for both left and right hand use, and an automotive style foot pedal for deck extension, it’s evident that the machine was designed get the operator to the site and complete the job the shortest possible time.