Yale Model Nomenclature

How to Decipher The Model Numbers On Yale Equipment

Have you ever wondered what the model numbers on your Yale forklift stand for, or why it is so long? Let us help you decipher the code. There is a ton of really valuable information about your machine such as:

  • Capacity
  • Tire Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Engine Type
  • Mast Type
  • Etc.

Here are a couple of examples of a breakdown of a model number:

Internal Combustion


You may or may not see the numbers/letters used in the designation for your specific machine but here is a small legend to help you:

Power Designator

E – Electric

G – Gasoline

GL – LP Gas

GT – Dual Fuel

GD – Diesel

Model Type

R – Sit Down Rider

S – Stand Up control


N – Narrow Aisle

M- Motorized Hand


R – Reach

S- Straddle

DR – Double Reach

P – Pallet

T – Tractor

C- Counterbalanced


C- Cushion

P – Pneumatic


020 – 2,000lbs

025 – 2,500lbs

030 – 3,000lbs

Etc. through 360 – 36,000lbs

Of course, if you are still having issues identifying your machine or your model number is a different format, then please contact our parts experts. They can pull up the build sheet online or even go into our vast library of microfiche to find your machine. We have records going back to the 1950s and are here to help.

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