Understanding Your Gold & Silver Plans for Used Equipment

Here are some of the main differences between the Gold & Silver Plans for Used equipment recondition status and warranty levels

Are you unsure what the meaning behind the Silver and Gold Plans are for reconditioned status and warranty levels? Let us help explain! When purchasing used equipment from Briggs, the equipment will be priced with either a Gold or Silver Plan for both the reconditioned status and the warranty level. It's important to be able to identify which used equipment has which plan, and what that plan means, so let us help walk you through it!

First, let's show you where to identify which plan comes with your equipment

When navigating through our used inventory selection, you may click on any piece of equipment to get an Equipment Overview, which shows a more specific look at the details of that exact machine. Within that list of details should be an indicator that shows "Warranty Level"

This indication level, either Gold or Silver, will indicate both the Reconditioned Status and the Warranty Level that the used equipment will come at.

Now, let's look at both the Gold & Silver plans:



Gold Reconditioned Status

Silver Reconditioned Status

All operations / systems checked

All operations / systems checked

200-point inspection performed

200-point inspection performed

Scheduled Maintenance completed

Scheduled Maintenance completed

Safety features tested and replaced as needed

Safety features tested and replaced as needed

New Tires, Fresh Paint, and Seat

Minimum 70% Tires

Gold Warranty Level

Silver Warranty Level

Warranty - 30-day (100hrs.) bumper-to-bumper

Warranty - 30-day (100hrs.) bumper-to-bumper

* Extended Warranty - 6-month (600hrs.) powertrain *

* Extended Warranty - 90-day (300hrs.) powertrain *

* extended warranties provided only with 12 month signed Planned Maintenance agreement *

Next, let's take a bit of a deeper look into what all of this information means

  • All operations / systems checked : All operations and systems of the equipment will be checked thoroughly prior to the sale

  • 200-point inspection preformed: A thorough 200-point inspection checklist will be preformed on the Unit ensuring the Unit quality is well kept

  • Scheduled maintenance has been performed on the unit

  • Safety features tested & replaced: All safety features of the equipment will be tested and replaced as needed

  • Warranty: Good for up to 30 days or 100 hours of bumper-to-bumper coverage

And here are the key differences between the Gold and Silver Plans

  • While the Silver Plan's reconditioned status includes tires at a minimum of 70% remaining, equipment on the Gold Plan will come with new tires, fresh paint, and a new seat

  • While the Silver Plan has an extended powertrain warranty of up to 90 days or 300 hours, whichever occurs first, the extended powertrain warranty of the Gold Plan includes warranty of up to 6 months or 600 hours, whichever occurs first.

Now that you know what to look for with your used equipment plan, go ahead and browse our Used Inventory section!

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Of course, if you have any other questions regarding these plans, please do not hesitate to contact our used equipment specialists for help!

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