3 Ways Briggs Equipment Stays Safe

Many material-handling companies talk about safety, but may or may not incorporate steps in their daily routines to improve safety. At Briggs Equipment, “Safety First” is one of our visionary pillars, and we live this every day by making safety a priority for our customers, team members, and families.

Let’s talk about safety and how exactly that looks in action at Briggs Equipment:

1. Approximately 20% of all vehicle accidents happen in parking lots, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. At Briggs, we back into our parking spots to avoid accidents as we’re leaving the lot. By doing so, we provide a safer environment for our team members and visitors.

Another way we combat parking lot accidents is we require Briggs Equipment drivers to use safety cones around their work areas, when parking, and when loading/unloading equipment.

2. Studies have shown that if a more common number is used for speed limits – like 10 or 15 m.p.h. – then the driver is more likely to overlook it. Here at Briggs, our parking lot speed limit is 12 m.p.h., because it’s unusual and will catch the eye of the driver.

Sign that reads "Speed Limit 12"

3. We provide safety glasses and high-visibility vests for employees to wear while entering bay areas. This personal protective equipment is required to be worn by all team members when any bay door is open, ensuring that personnel can be seen by heavy equipment drivers as they enter and exit the area.

While these may seem like small actions, the culmination of being in a safety mindset has led to improved safety at our branches. Our Miami branch recently celebrated 3 years without a recordable accident, and we continue to strive to provide a safer environment for our employees and visitors.

How You Can #BeSafe

We offer a range of safety solutions to keep you, your colleagues, and property safe:

Contact us to learn how to take advantage of these safety solutions and services.

You can also follow us on social media as well as our hashtag #BESafe for more ideas on how to keep everyone safer.

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